Before You Know It

by Braided Waves

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Recorded by Britton Glenn at Rocket Science Sound. Mixed/Mastered by Zack House with help from Doug Martsch and Eric Penny.


released August 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Braided Waves Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Brother
I hope with all my heart we live again. and that in our next life we're best friends again , as the years fly by.

This world is a funny place, and laughing is my favorite thing to do and you're my favorite friend to laugh with, I wish you treated yourself like a queen, I need the kind of help your heart can give, I want to let life be important like we used to do, before being too free took a toll on me after finding out that nothing fills the void.

Oh BJ BJ we miss you BJ
I know that you're gonna do what you wanna do what ya gonna do
I know its hard putting up a fight when everything you do feels like a fight
I also know that it don't feel nice
oh BJ BJ we Love you BJ
Track Name: White Wave
A deep current , moving too fast. She was a true love , she did anything to keep her warm, of course she jumped in to fix the problem.

It's no secret, can't play in fire , it's no secret , that's why it hurts.
It's no secret , the skin can't take it.

I without warrant , still have to search this , she was a true love , she did anything to keep her warm, of course she jumped in to fix the problem of coarse she jumped in to fix the problem.
Track Name: How's Your Family Life?
Gota get my kicks gota get my kicks gota get my fix
something is broken.
God I got 2 kids got 2 kids wanna live
I don't know what I'm missin'.
Drinkin' every day every day what a way
that book has been written.

accept me on the surface accept me in my bones accept me when I'm nervous accept me now I've grown
family life family life family life we don't know what we're missin'.
Track Name: Living Amends
Momma , I have A dark past, I cannot hide , so I wont try.
Father , I have found , peace with God...though I seem cold , and alone, we're not alone.
Track Name: Memory
I think about death, at least twice a day . I wish I could forget , life is this way.
Everyone I've loved , everyone who has loved me , we never will forget and we hide in the size of a dream.
Most people say , the world as we know it, will pass into the light , before she forgets.
What do you value? what do you want to come true? Inside this restless heart , I'm not gonna wait for you.

Stand up, there is no time but take your time.

A rippled subtraction of shallow attention could make for some honesty to actually happen. I'm not trying to make believe , this is inside of me adding up every day to be worth the memory.

memory come to me memory leave me be . We can forgive just look and see.
Track Name: Thanks For Playing
Who I have in mind
Introduce us to a light , cause you know a darkness too
and the way our hands get used
and the heartbreak that comes in waves
I love you too
each time you play
we're dancing with each other's ghosts
we're trusting like parts of the whole
Who I have in mind is you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you

Please don't try to make it disappear
the worry that you gotta be somewhere
you're right here
and you're dreamin
dreamin of a way to ease your am I
Track Name: Great Hunger
I was born with great hunger, could hold anything down, could hold anything down.
I used to think that some day I'll marry... But you know what? no body's checking me out , I'm not checking anyone else out.

I'm hungry, I'm sorry, forgive me.

I liked you so much it scared me. For what do I have on your beauty?
Track Name: Give It A Name
Inside there's a certain place, where I don't let anybody see me, I'm gonna give it a name, so it don't sleep while I'm awake, and stop numbing the pain, get to house the current in our bodies .

Slowly making things right, I'm not gonna loose my mind, healing integration of these state's. Cause it's wild , it's wild I am electricity ... I push away the same , as I pull the opposite towards me, give it a name , electricity .
Track Name: Moon Social
I loved you but never let you know, it filled up like lava , in my soul.
Now you're so far away, I don't know how I thought it could ever come true... My excuse was I didn't wanna loose our friendship, please excuse me for being so lost. Now all I wanna do is talk like we mean it, and be honest with you to the point of trust. I swear on my momma's grave I'm not the same madman, I wont try to impress you at any cost.

And can we be friends again?